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Rede de Professores Synapse - RPS NGO

Synapse Network is a nonprofit social organization dedicated to enhancing human development through its pioneering educational approach, the Synapse Methodology. This proprietary social technology is at the core of their Training Courses and ongoing pedagogical support across their network. By empowering and supporting early childhood educators and teachers from the early years of elementary school (1st to 3rd grades), Synapse Network ensures the effective reapplication and dissemination of their innovative teaching methods.

The Synapse Methodology employs pedagogical tools and content developed and refined by educators, tailored to the unique needs of each region. This ensures that all children across Brazil benefit from a high-quality education, adapted to their local context.

Comprising a diverse group of teachers from various Brazilian states, the Synapse Network unites professionals who, despite their different backgrounds, share common challenges in their classrooms. This community of educators works together to overcome these obstacles and drive significant educational advancements.

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