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The THP model is unique among NGOs

The Human Project's development model is unique among NGOs:

  • The Human Project designs, tests, and implements custom programs (Social Technology) that can be scaled and repeated in other communities.

  • The Human Project's principal focus is on maximizing educational outcomes by addressing cognitive and non-cognitive development in both school and home during the literacy period (ages 0-8).

  • The Human Project also develops Social Technology in entrepreneurship to assist communities in achieving economic sustainability.

  • The Human Project has a unique balance of financial support, receiving funding from state governments, institutional foundations, and foreign and domestic corporations and individuals.

Social Technology - ST

Developing each ST follows a similar path: The Human Project works directly with the Santa Luzia society to identify a need based on the community's daily reality and prepares a program to face that need. Following the preliminary research and design phase, The Human Project and the community work together to test, validate, and implement each ST. After being successfully implemented in Santa Luzia, THP reapplies the programs to other communities in similar situations. The process of designing and implementing an ST is a multi-year process. Such progress is not always a straight line, as even a successful program requires a sustaining effort and continual improvement, especially when applying in new localities.

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These are the THP Projects and Social Technologies supported by IPTI_US.

Together, The Human Project and IPTI_US create an outstanding value proposition for donors who wish to support the creation and implementation of methodologies that produce sustainable development in poor communities.


@Hope Social Technology

@HOPE is a reference educational unit serving as a model for schools nationwide. Its pedagogical model integrates all social technologies developed by THP, including environmental sanitation and food security with a vegetable garden.

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Synapse Social Technology

Synapse is a training program designed for elementary school teachers aiming to enhance students' proficiency in Portuguese and Math. The methodology and pedagogical resources were developed in collaboration with teachers from municipal schools in Santa Luzia do Itanhy.

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CRIA Social Technology

CRIA's proposal is to build a Social Technology that creates conditions for the full and healthy development of motherhood and early childhood, focusing on small and remote communities. 

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TAG Social Technology

TAG is a social technology multi-platform school management support system developed by IPTI to address the realities of Brazilian municipalities, with special emphasis on municipalities with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants.


TAG iptius

Arte Naturalista Social Technology

Arte Naturalista is a Social Technology that seeks to identify and develop local talents in illustration techniques, such as watercolor, pointillism, graphite and pastel, introducing the teaching of visual arts in schools and promoting sustainable businesses. 

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Edmond Project (ON + Clock + Siri)

Edmond's innovative program identifies and nurtures young talent within the community, offering comprehensive training in computer programming, entrepreneurship, and English. Designed to empower participants, the program aims to turn these young individuals into leaders of a transformative social initiative. The focus is on fostering skills that generate employment and income opportunities, with a special emphasis on the field of Information Technology. 


Siri Social Technology

SIRI is a Social technology for teaching English with the purpose of expanding opportunities for young people in global entrepreneurship projects and providing English learning in rural communities. 

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Edmundo Project (ON + Clock)

The Ed-Mundo Project aims to select and train young talents in programming and entrepreneurship. The goal is for them to become protagonists of a social transformation initiative, generating work and income for the neighborhood, and eventually for other metropolitan areas, with an initial focus on Information Technology.


The structure of this project is based on two social technologies developed by THP in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, which will be reapplied by young people from this municipality who are at advanced stages of knowledge and entrepreneurship.

Edmundo IPTIUS

CLOC Social Technology

CLOC (Creativity, Logic, Opportunity and Growth) is a Social Technology aimed at training teenagers and young people in programming and robotics, seeking to prepare the ground for the future professional insertion of these students in the IT sector

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ON Social Technology

Social Technology that integrates training in entrepreneurship, financial education and emotional intelligence for young people and adolescents, so that they can undertake individually or create companies in their own communities.

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