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Paul McGloin

Development Committee


Paul McGloin is a partner and chief planning officer of Cerity Partners, a Registered

Investment Advisor with over nine hundred employees and offices in sixteen states. In his

thirty-five year career, Paul has worked with hundreds of wealthy U.S. and International

families, helping them to structure family inheritances and trusts, to organize philanthropic

endeavors, and to minimize taxes. Since 2015, a significant focus of Paul’s work has been

families and individuals in Latin America with significant contacts to the U.S.

Paul grew up and spent most of his career in New York, but he currently lives in Texas with his

wife Nora. Paul is a 1983 graduate of Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont and a

1987 graduate of Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Paul and Nora spend much of their free time renovating old houses they own in Gonzales,

Texas and Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

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