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Sonia Esteves

Development Committee


Sonia Esteves was born in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Occupational Therapy and System

Analysis, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Married, mother of three children moved to Brussels,

Belgium, in 2006, to Scarsdale, NY, in 2009, and to Miami, FL, in July 2019.

As an occupational therapist, worked for five years in rehabilitation clinics such as IBRM,

ABBR, and Pestalozzi (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

As a systems analyst, worked for 15 years in technology companies such as Medidata

Informatica, Ipsum Computers, and Solve Consult. Also worked for five years as an

Information Security Manager at Natura Cosméticos.

In 2017, joined the board of directors of IPTI-US and since there has been working as a

volunteer at the IPTI-US office, helping to publicize the work of IPTI to increase the number of

sponsors, supporters, and donors to strengthen IPTI Brazil

Sonia is a native Portuguese speaker, fluent in English and some knowledge of Spanish and


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